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quick new moon

etc. seven people take into the valley bottom and sought place the place setting for take shelter from the wind good. Later

on, the day's Lin beginning be earnest to look into new moon, dance the Die wait for someone of condition of the injury,

again after one by one finishing see, day Lin handsome face top be suffused with to have a repeatedly cold idea, Nu

track:Actually have how many enemies, unexpectedly will you top such ofCheap Ugg Boots  deep? See a day, the Lin lose temper, peony light

tone way:Don't become angry, our pay a the ability change to return you of rebirth, this harm worthy of. The dance Die

looking at a day Lin, the way of You You:Everyone condition of the injury severity, some affair's isn't suitable for be by

this time saying.
  The day's Lin motion is gradual to recover, tone serious tunnel:I is first everyone treatment, needing after the event me

will let injury your enemies pay an a hundredfold price! This a moment, the day Lin seem to be very mature, violent in

action of in the tone deeply wear can't run counter to of firmness, let the person is from the heart letter. The precious

jade light is some concussion, at present of the day Lin imitated Fo to become personal, with six clouds of 20 year agos is

that so likeness, in the look in the eyes deeply wear same kind persist. Peony and rose mind vibrate, looking at empress

the rebirth the day that arrogant is hundred percent Lin and suddenly had in the heart a kind of joy, this be the man want

by them, is them like of strong. A face of smiling face in Lin2 Yi Xue3, whether the day Lin be cultured or strong or not,

she proceed without hesitation. Dance the Die be quiet quiet silent, for at the moment of day Lin, have in the heart

unspeakable complications of feeling, seem to be also can't accept, also possibility this is her hope see. The new moon

face is suffused with smiling face, for the change of the Lin in day very happy, he grew up on the whole. River green snow

mouth the Cape be tiny to move, smile slightly way:The commitment remembered you, we will have been wait for.
  Day color way with positive Lin:The elder sister trust and I be certain to suit the action to the word.Now, everyone

relax body first and I is you treatment so much. The precious jade light apprehensive a way:Do you want in the meantime for

our seven people a treatment?This not is do silly for fun of affair, a carelessly be willing to the ability harm yourself.

Day Lin way:Need not worry, I from have proper restraint. The language finish, day Lin all over the body glory four shoot,

gold, red, green, green, black, Huang, white seven color ray of lights coagulate seven color gorgeous of light pillar.Send

out from the Lin body in day in the meantime, difference the function is at the new moon, precious jade light etc. seven

Human body up, beginning is everyone treatment. Day the skill of the Lin be very unusual and the ordinary people basically

can't attain and almost founded 1 first river. Speak of this, in fact with day Lin not intentional high school become of

absolute being silkworm nine become very the toll-gate fasten. Simple but speech, absolute being silkworm nine change to

have nine kinds of dissimilarity of variety, performance is nine medium dissimilarity of control breath way, can in the

meantime circulate nine strength, each other be mutual non-interference, but ability with each other repair. At present,

the day Lin was an usage this kind of method, various strength inside the body in sequence separate, adhere to seven

present people oneself circumstance, have already aim at sex of implement treatment. With river green snow for example, she

method for cultivate definitely come from Phoenix academy, the day Lin also master in a Phoenix method definitely, two be

many common point, each other spirit vein connect with each other, treatment extremely simple. Lin2 Yi Xue3 come from an

easy park, day Lin same master in easy park method definitely, is she treatment since not hard to tackle, also save time.
  As for precious jade light, dance Die, the new moon be three people, they method for cultivate definitely the day Lin all

have to involve, and the scholastic attainment be uncommon, as a result also not difficulty. Only peony and rose, they come

from many colors an area for day, this let for a day, Lin rather fee some kind of complicated, end make use of peony flower

and rose, slowly break through two female stop of blood vessels. Time, walk in the treatment far.That very day's ray of

light beginning of the Lin body become thin, new moon, Lin2 Yi Xue3, dance Die, precious jade light, river green snow one

by one wake up. Peony and rose slightly night, two people because of physical endowment of relation, instauration of the

speed be opposite slower, than the new moon wait for someone fully night a time of tea. Go to this, the day Lin body ray of

light disappear, handsome face top air weariness, see this time treatment consume he be not a few true dollar. New moon,

Lin2 Yi Xue3, the dance Die wait for someone at the moment already the station start, respectively activity once physique,

all show unintentionally on the face surprise of expression. This time treatment, the new moon wait for someone

instauration of the circumstance be different.
  New moon, Lin2 Yi Xue3, precious jade light three people because of have outside the thing(day Li absolute being sword,

the breeze move as one pleases, what then bead) help each other, instauration of better, condition of the injury mostly

good 67 cent.The dance Die and river's green snow circumstance is slightly bad, all instauration way real strenght with or

so 50%. As for peony and Mie ghost, two people only instauration 340% real strenght, think completely recovered 嘚 demand

certain of time just line. Day Lin senior, do you want to be unimportant?The lotus step is light to move, Lin2 Yi Xue3

arrive at for a day, Lin body side, concern the ground looking at him, sweet girlish voice inquire. The day Lin took a look

Lin2 Yi Xue3 and shake head a way:Nothing important, I be just some tired.This time treatment, I can let you instauration

parts of real strenght, want completely recovered, that get depend yourselves. River green snow say with smile:The ability

instauration has already let to this kind of extent we very satisfaction, leave of affair, we from will take time to

processing. Tiny Han head, the day feeling with deep Lin took a look many female, openings way:At present everyone's

condition of the injury has already had no big Ai, I want to understand once, this three days actually and all occurrence

how much affair. This words are 1 and the public face was last and don't smile an idea and the facial expression was

slightly deep in sorrow and seemed to be to sink in to recall a while.
  A short moment, the new moon be first awake, look in the eyes strange of looking at for a day, Lin, light sigh a way:This

three days at we but the speech be endless, just like 30 age month, point intravenous drop drop all flick it don't go.

Green at the thought of third of snow of river come of experience, in the eye unbearable overflow tears, emotional

stirrings rather deep of way:This three days we be extreme danger, go back and forth in the life and death edge, once

several times sank into place of doom, almost pretty don't come over. The day Lin smell the speech facial expression haze,

some way for owe:For the sake of protection I, let you endure to whet difficult, I is really uneasy at the heart. Precious

jade light way:Don't be self-reproach, you of dead's being also because of us have never shine on to think ° to be good

you, otherwise also can't occurrence these affair. The day Lin is partial to a head to looking at Lin2 Yi Xue3, soft

track:According to snow, this three days you tell me, all occurrence what, you how along with hour appear at me nearby, and

others? Lin2 Yi Xue3 is shallow on smile, the Jiao sing a way:Speak of this matter, you get ask a new moon elder sister,

she be most the person of understanding circumstance. The wood of the farmland is some astonished, the vision move to new

moon body and wait for her response.
  The new moon took a look for a day, Lin, see again later on public, light sigh a way:This matter want from start speak of

front your dead.At that time, we all at Teng dragon valley outside, precious jade light and day of roar suddenly state of

mind not and rather, worry you will have an accident, decision find you.But the moment, I clear responded you the departure

information for spread, abandon public come to seek you. The precious jade light once connected a topic and sigh a way:At

that time, Tu2 Tian be not intentional to speak of you, I with roar the day feel state of mind not and rather.Afterwards

the new moon suddenly lose a voice to shout loudly, then leave and this let the owner all feel shocked.At this time, valley

lord elder generation air strange, once said a Teng dragon a valley will in that day demolish, you have already left human

life as well.Afterwards, has been negotiated decision, I take an elder sister and depend on snow and dance Die, rush

through to seek you.The valley lord stay with others at at first with reply possibility the affair of the occurrence.

Finish listen to this words, the day's Lin facial expression be surprised to change and the vision move to peony and rose

body and ask a way:You are also the breathing which responded my death, just rush through of? The peony is bitter and

astringent to nod, some sad way:At that time I with the rose is accompany beautiful clouds saint female, suddenly receive

your dead to send out of information, feel extremely grieved, then and in a hurry rush through to seek you. Day the Lin be

very touched, full is deep in the look in the eyes feeling, once swept one by one many female, end stay around new moon

body, light tone way:Afterwards?
  The new moon looking at for a day, Lin, the voice light and soft way:The dead Xun known you, I be matchless and sad and

first arrive to your body side.At that time, you lie on snow ground and can not find one silk life trace, thousand times

sad stretch hand to want to comfort your Zheng big eyes in my heart.However will soon touch to run into your that a moment

at me, your body burst upon a white light, right away will I earthquake back.That time, I be pleasantly surprised, think to

be you, can I just know later on, that is to hide in your bosom of look for good luck, make moves arrestment all these. Day

Lin rather the feeling be surprised, startled way:Look for good luck, she why arrestment you? The new moon recovered once a

mood, light tone way:From look for a good luck, I knew you with jade heart dead ex- occurrence of everything- Day once the

Lin smell an of jade heart, immediately facial expression melancholy, take off a people's way:After heart, why I wake up

didn't see her corpse?
  New moon way:According to look for good luck to speak, at you clay-cold once appeared a bird, took the corpse of jade

heart.That huge bird is very sad to the dead of the jade heart, estimate should understanding jade heart. The day Lin body

is one earthquake, anxious way:Not line, I get find back jade heart. River green snow advise a way:Jade heart already dead,

your having to seek her also don't be eager to at that time. The day Lin smell speech suddenly one Zhan, in the look in the

eyes show unintentionally deeply of distress, the thoughts and feelings be gradual instauration to settle to come to. Took

a look public, day Lin face top be suffused with to have force of smile an idea, light tone way:Continue.
  Seven spread eight dragon Teng a sea of clouds chapter 7 absolute being knife after the boundary legend easy lord
  Hang empty but sign, should the day be evil to looking at foot cave and convex gravamen of ground, in the heart rather

many regrets.
  This front, too Xuan fire the emergence of the turtle, destroyed the field ice biggest parties Teng dragon valley, its

final outcome although he never and personally see, can current prospects but speech, that is also can imagination.
  Lightly on sigh, should the day be evil from the language way:"The decrepit prospects eventually has a day of

instauration, can elapse of life but hard re-appear."The language contain sad, feel sorry for to sigh in sorrow.Slightly

walk with the breeze far.
  Suddenly, the ground ray of light be one Shan and the shadow of human figure present, Zhao4 Yu4 Qing appear in the hollow

pit bottom, and the rise stare at high in the clouds.
  Should the day be some evil accident, right away fly a body but fall, appear a body at Zhao4 Yu4 Qing side, light tone

ask a way:"Valley lord elder generation, you have no matter.What about others?"
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing looking at should the day be evil. cool way:"Some leave, some leave."Should the day is evil the facial

expression be tiny to change and sigh a way:"The elder generation restrain the grief and this is all unavoidable."The tiny

Han head of Zhao4 Yu4 Qing ask a way:"How did you come?"
  Should day evil bitter and astringent way:"I come, is for give field ice three parties 1 hand over to treat.The day enemy

committed not a few wrong matter on the field ice and I was his elder brother.Should be undertake his the debt which owe

bottom.Previous, I have already caught up him, regrettable he the dead don't change and I have to personally to destroy

evil for the world."
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's look in the eyes is tiny to change, emotional stirrings way:"The big righteousness put out close, the

difficult bility be valuable and just you arrived late."Should day evil startled way:"Arrive late?Why?"
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing is light to sigh a way:"Day evil Zong Zhu3 has already leave, field ice three parties now have already

  Should the day be some evil accident, sigh a way:"See, I that day promise of commitment, destine is can't

realization."Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's way:"You has completion, need not have deficit.Now, Yi ……day the Lin came back."
  Suddenly rise, Zhao4 Yu4 Qing looking at far-away place, see a bunch the lighting break empty but go to, winked to is at

present.Should the day is very evil surprise, startled way:"Day Lin he isn't already ……"
  Doubt voice in, the Lin, new moon, precious jade light of the snow fox, day, peony etc. nine people quick float to fall,

appear at Zhao4 Yu4 Qing with should day evil neighborhood."Teacher Zu, valley lord elder generation ……" voice rise and

fall uncertain, state public concussion of mood.
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing is a full face of delighted, connect a track:"Good, come back good, come back good ……"
  Peony and rose are because of the identity relation, mood more equanimity, new moon and dance Die most is anxiety, facial

expression's seem to be be very deep and low.Day the Lin air be strange and saw should the day be evil two eyeses and

immediately the vision move to Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's body and ask a way:"Valley lord elder generation, and others?"
  The concussion of Zhao4 Yu4 Qing after, very quick instauration equanimity, Uggs Clearance   cool way:"Return at the treatment currently,

treat meeting will wake up."Day Lin 1, the vision turn to should day evil body, wearing a smile way:"Your teacher younger

  Should the day be evil at this time already instauration equanimity, wry smile way:"He already the dead is under my

  The day Lin is one Leng, the new moon wait for someone to also all feel an accident, the vision be consistent to fall at

should day evil body.River pure snow ask a way:"Did you really kill him?"
  Should the day be evil to nod a way:"Yes, was too demolished a meat body by the Xuan fire turtle at him, dollar absolute

being weak moment.I once advised him to turn head, regrettable he bigotry."
  The dance Die looking at should the day be evil, the way of You You:"The big righteousness put out close courage for

need, be good enough to excel you kill to hate of the person's decision.If have a clear conscience in your heart,

elucidation you have already forgotten natural affection.If there is Kui in your heart, elucidation you are in penitence."
  Should the day isn't evil language, deliberation dance Die of words, oneself really penitence?
  The day Lin seem to be understand should the day be evil at the moment of mood, the branch open a topic way:"You later

have what plan?"
  Should the day be evil to return to absolute being, answer way:"Original, I want to atone for sin for the younger

brother, can who think a day evil Zong Zhu3 unexpectedly already dying."
  River pure snow way:"You have this intention enough."
  Should the day be evil to smile, some bitter and astringent, light sigh a way:"Now, I plan return to a teacher door

first, report an affair here teacher, from his old man's house decide."
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's way:"Field ice is the ground of right and wrong, leave is the best of choice."
  Should the day be evil to took a look public, light tone way:"The line of this time field ice, ability and everyone

acquaint with, this is my honor.Hope aftertime have an opportunity, we return ability meet.Now, I in advance take leave,

everyone take care of health."The arch hand salute, should the day be immediately evil to fly a body but, wink and then

disappear in the horizon.
  Treat should the day be evil to leave, snow fox be simple of toward Zhao4 Yu4 Qing relate once and day the Lin wait for

someone to meet of process.
  Understanding mostly circumstance, Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's way:"The day Lin rebirth is a happy event, you go to notice others,

let them come out a gather."Snow fox should 1.Wink and then disappeared a trace and shadow.
  A short moment, the snow mountain saint monk, Fei cloud, Tu2 Tian, Xue Feng, snow man, snow fox appear in the meantime,

among them, Tu2 Tian and Fei cloud be a concussion most , the double double hold tight for a day, and the arm of Lin ask

east to ask west.
  The snow mountain saint monk face is suffused with to smile an idea and looking at public return safely, not from say

with smile:"Separation and reunion according to situation, the good and evil be as one pleases.Want ~only firmness,

ability win everything."
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing doesn't think idea, but not objection.The words of snow mountain saint monk were full of encouragement, he

again why the need for at by this time give public throw cold water?
  Took a look public, Zhao4 Yu4 Qing wave hand to call the dance Die to one side, light tone way:"You too teacher Zu

departure front hand over you to give in me, now, field ice situation disadvantageous, I want to try and ask your own

  Dance Die the facial expression be worried. low voice way:"My heart is very disorderly, don't know should how is good."
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing ask a way:"Do you want to leave or leave?"
  Dance Die hesitate once, light tone way:"I ability go to where?"
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing ponder a way:"You of the future was full of variety, you as long as run its course, need not intentionally

go to change."
  Dance Die the look in the eyes be tiny to move, equanimity of way:"I never intentionally change, I just don't know how to

run its course."
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's way:"Change can run its course for an instant in your choice, will see you to do for an instant over

there of choice whether fitting."
  Dance Die not speech, deliberation this words, forehead deeply wear several cent vacant.
  Day Lin nearby, Tu2 Tian concussion after detection roar day not at.In the heart very surprise, ask a way:"Precious jade

light, roar day?"This words are 1, public immediately pipe down, the atmosphere seem to be some peculiar.
  Precious jade light tiny on sigh see a Teng dragon a valley public very concern, at that moment and then 15110 of the

affair take place by this three days one by one way come.Period, Tu2 Tian, Fei cloud, Xue Feng wait for someone to several

times exclaim.I am matchless with new moon waiting for someone the situation for three days to shock.
  When Tu2 Tian precious jade light finish speak, emotional stirrings way:"True surprisingly, your experience still want

turns and twists than us sad."
  Fei cloud way:"Fortunately you all stood to come over, the day Lin be also smooth to wake up, and everyone need not be

always deeply concerned at heart.At present, we still negotiate once and connect down how to do."
  Public smell speech, the vision be consistent to stop on Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's body, after all he be host here and have

absolute of prestige and right to speak.The feeling arrive public vision, Zhao4 Yu4 Qing strange on smile, some fall the

way of Mo:"The field ice is just a starting point and the world be your big satges."
  The snow man isn't that understand and ask a way:"Are this words what mean?"
  Zhao4 Yu4 is simple elegance however way:"If however Teng dragon the valley be nonexistent, we all not at, too the Xuan

fire turtle and many colors day how to do area meeting?"The snow man don't understand that a face of vacant.
  The precious jade light smell speech a color change and sink a track:"Valley lord elder generation say, all of everything

is inevitable, can't we basically converse?"
  The rise of Zhao4 Yu4 Qing looking at heaven and the facial expression slightly show a way of fall the Mo:"Know perfectly

well can't is but is it, that be a kind of conviction, but even add sad.When calamity set of come, brave sometimes is also

a kind of sorrow."
  Precious jade light not speech, he understand Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's words.Day Lin, new moon, dance the Die wait for someone

all silent have no speech.Obviously they are also all understand.The snow man listen to a head of fog water, the low voice

loquacious way:"The past lane Xuan falsely has what fantastic, hum."
  Xue Feng's sweeping snow man is one eye and ask a way:"Valley lord elder generation, since everything all is inevitable,

we again why the need for exclamation, be still that the viewpoint face."
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing not speech, his mood be very complex, regrettable he but can't speak.
  The snow mountain saint monk seem to be understand Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's worry, light tone way:"In fact.We walk to this one

step, a lot of affair all already no longer importance.Field ice finally just too the Xuan fire turtle and many colors day

be a gangplank of the area and all of their purposes be a world.Leave is inevitable.If however, we can block them in the

field ice and that surely can let up injury that win soil's be subjected to.At present, we obviously have already can't

block them bottom.With it white give away dead, not equal to stay an useful body, stay to treat future thoroughly big stem

some kind of.Certainly now pass too the Xuan fire turtle and many colors a day an area into medium the soil be not good

either and we can display to procrastinate military tactics and go back and forth with enemy under the circumstance of

assurance safety."
  River pure snow finish listen to and put forward oneself's opinion:"The words of saint monk are quite right, just I feel

us should a little bit more aggressive, must enemy in the field ice, in order to prevent circumstances of proliferation.At

present, although our real strenght be big to reduce, can drag along an enemy, should still have a hope.Add its easy park

with in addition to evil alliance just at with all strength contact the human life superior, after believing soon, they

will rush through."
  See a river pure snow be a face of sense of right and Tu2 Tian cannot help but sigh a way:"You if once personally the

knowledge lead too Xuan fire the real strenght of the turtle, believe you can't so optimism."
  River pure snow query a way:"True is so severe?Return than the death castellan terrible?"
  Tu2 Tian is bitter and astringent on smile, light tone way:"See by my personal, too Xuan fire turtle if want kill people,

our present and 2/3 people.All through don't live his[one] look in the eyes."
  This speech is 1, the day Lin, new moon...etc. rush through back of person all the facial expression be big to change,

obviously some hard accept.
  The sweet girlish voice way of Lin2 Yi Xue3:"The uncle of the Tu, be you to isn't exaggerated?"
  Tu God's way:"That day, too the Xuan fire turtle be only[one] look in the eyes, will nine Yin the Holy Mother severely

wounded collapsed and fainted.Try to ask us present in, have how much person ability and nine Yin the Holy Mothers

compare."This words 1 immediately waited for someone river pure snow, Lin2 Yi Xue3, dance Die surprised and foolish just

like the surprised thunder and obviously this words have already shocked dint too much.
  See public to have no speech, Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's way:"In fact also have no so exaggeration, the that day teacher younger

sister is to have no to take precautions against, would encounter a serious wound.However, with our current real strenght,

return shortage to resist too Xuan fire a turtle, as a result everyone want dispassion, not the strategic area move

  The river is pure snow be some disappointment and twist a head looking at a speech not hair of day Lin, light tone ask a

way:"BE just think what?You are always clever and resourceful and can this is how?"
  The day Lin rise saw public one eye, expression equanimity of way:"In fact we need not the consideration be too many, too

Xuan fire although the turtle be severe, can as long as we hide him, will not have too many dangerous.As for many colors

day area, we can quiet view it change, as long as they don't leave field ice.We need not tube."
  River pure snow query a way:"If too the Xuan fire turtle ignore us, direct get into medium soil, how that is is good?"
  Day way with cool Lin:"Too Xuan fire the turtle was flown dragon Ding to inhibit for several thousand years, be willing

to be kind give up?Want ~only the Teng dragon valley immortalization, too the Xuan fire turtle will not easily leave."
  River pure snow hesitate a way:"Although the words be such, cocoa ……?"
  Day Lin way:"The current affairs much change, who does the ability see through?The elder sister need not worry too

much.Currently, for the sake of everyone safety, you had better gather at a cake of.I the plan return to day female Feng lo

lo, have a look there of circumstance."
  The precious jade light smell speech and sink a track:"Or I accompany you together, the in order to prevent appear again

  The day Lin shake head a way:"Need not, there is peony accompanying with the rose me, believe will not have what

dangerous.Here currently already insecurity, you had better leave and then I find out your places from the meeting."
  Have no much speech, the day Lin right away take peony and rose to leave, the facial expression be cool but coolly seem

to turn an eye him mature.
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's facial expression is tiny to change, light sigh a way:"The day Lin grew up."
  The snow mountain saint monk way:"The world is also disorderly."
  Public and startled, can who also not speech, obviously this words be not abstruse and just make the person some sad.
  Take back vision, Zhao4 Yu4 cleaned up public one eye, order way:"The new moon leave to wait for Lin2 Fan and Ling a

flower and the others leave with me."
  The snow man ask a way:"Go to which?"
  Zhao4 Yu4 Qing's way:"Day river plain."Move forward but, the Zhao4 Yu4 Qing one step be few Zhangs, the speed be not

nasty not slow.
  Public not and very understand, why will go to day river plain, but no man speech, everyone just wave hand on departure

with new moon, immediately and then heel at Zhao4 Yu4 Qing after death, dynasty God evil religion place of the day river

plain fly to, turn an eye disappear on an expanse of white field ice.
  The new moon air is cool, took a look heaven, from the language way:"Constellation day south, probably I will leave ……"

words still in the ear, the new moon wink and then appear at thousand Zhangs on of high in the clouds, part wait for return

of Lin2 Fan and Ling flower, part tasty blue sky on of that is severely cold.
  All the way west line, the day Lin, peony, rose go straight to a day a female Feng, the facial expression be each to have

dissimilarity.Looking at the day of front Lin, the peony facial expression be peculiar, concealed however have a certain

  Rose and peony together line shoulder to shoulder, on the face smile an idea sweetly, born nature inhospitality of she is

stare at the figure of a day Lin at this time, nowise cover up heart in of love.
  Probably experienced a disaster, the rose of original cold Ao knew to cherish, no longer suppress emotion within

heart.The day Lin has no speech all the way, facial expression equanimity like a cake of ice, can not tell any variety.
  Former, day the Lin born nature be bright and beg for a person to like.Now, the day Lin personality had obvious change,

mature medium deeply wear wise and farsighted, in the cold Ao
  Show unintentionally one cold and damp.
  Turn an eye.day female the Feng come into view.That is intact to have no the shape of Sun, let for a day, Lin mood a

slow, the vision moved to an apex that figure up.
  Far away and mutually hope, the look in the eyes be like sword.Cloud secondary rainbow saint female tiny feeling

surprise, from the language way:"He changed."The words just said that finish, day Lin, peony and rose then fall at cloud

secondary rainbow saint female before the body.
  Conjecture for a day, Lin, cloud secondary rainbow saint female cool way:"Congratulate you heavy get a freshman."
  Day the way of the Lin equanimity:"Thanks."
  The peony ask a way:"Have no occurrence for this three days what affair?"
  Cloud secondary rainbow saint the female be light to sing a way:"This front, he once appeared, snake absolute being also

with I a see."
  The peony knit the brows a way:"You can once since his body see a point what?"
  The cloud secondary rainbow saint female shake head a way:"I still can't assurance, but I believe to one day and

eventually will be understand.The now day Lin come back, you have what plan?"
  Peony and rose have no answer and the two people vision together gather a day Lin body.Wait for his hair words.
  The day Lin look on straight level front, cool way:"I have some an affair and do in the field ice and wait my processing

over, I find to look for jade heart and the faraway places also want to find back her."
  The cloud secondary rainbow saint female ask a way:"What about their a pair?How you are arrangement?"
  The day Lin early has a plan, answer way:"Peony and rose respectively also have unfinished business and the everyone's

demand be some time.After wait me find back jade heart, or their completion respectively of after the wish, we from will

gather at a cake of."
  Cloud secondary rainbow saint female facial expression oddness, the vision move to peony and rose body and ask a

way:"What about you?"
  The peony wanted to think, the way of facial expression equanimity:"The day Lin can say that again, we all have

respectively don't of wish, the demand be some time.If really decree by destiny, who can't also separate us.If destine no

chance, demand also in vain."
  Rose way:"Matter at artificial, as long as have love in the heart, the ability overcome the whole difficulty."
  The cloud secondary rainbow saint female nod a way:"Well said, as long as have love, not afraid difficulty.Now, I have a

few words to want to speak with peony, rose alone, day Lin you return first to knit dream hole to go."
  Tiny Han head, the day Lin also not much ask and right away fly a body but bottom, go home.
  The peony looking at a cloud secondary rainbow saint female and apprehensive a way:"Do you have what rubbish, can't be a

day Lin to speak?"
  Cloud secondary rainbow saint female cool way:"Day Lin rebirth after, the personality had very big change.The dead of the

jade heart let him be mature for a night, but also become haze.Day Lin cultivation of ice absolute being the Jue be very

strong, already influence arrive his personality.Continuously for a long time hence.Harmful to the God's Lin."
  Rose misgiving way:"How should that do?"
  The cloud secondary rainbow saint female ponder a way:"The current day Lin can hardly let the person see through, the

strength of his body be very special and seem to be or so his personality.Want to change his inhospitality, only have two

kinds of method.On being to find back jade heart, two is use to love to go to warmth he, let he keep off regret, get away

from dark."
  Peony way:"Trust, we will keep firmly in mind and break up his old grudge in the heart with the love and regret."
  The cloud secondary rainbow saint female move to open vision, looking at the sky that the ash receive, light sigh a

way:"Snow of the field ice, very quick finish turn for the meeting.The story of field ice will also spread the human

life.When the late lament arrival, the turning point appear, your lifes from now on get away from dark."
  The rose isn't very understand and ask a way:"What mean?"
  The cloud secondary rainbow saint female still keep hoping a day, cool way:"Soon after, you nature would understand.Now,

your initial mission be a treatment."
  The rose is some disappointment, peony cool and wearing a smile, two female who also have no many words, be cloud

secondary rainbow saint female of noodles, in the day female apex beginning treatment.
  Halfway up a hill, knit dream hole in, the day Lin station is in the mother the Die dream the stone house for live, mood

very complications.
  Three days ago, day Lin dead once sent out to call, the person, who acquaint with, should all have already receive, Die

dream nature no exception.However, three day past, but the Die dream have never come back, this let for a day, the Lin be

some disappointment, and the but again unavoidably worry.Since the childhood, the day Lin all have to the mother a kind of

very deep of continue to long for, hope she ability accompany at oneself nearby open happy heart.Can now, the mother not

know a body where, she lead ok or not, whether happy, all of this be a day Lin place idea.Silent a long time, the day Lin

lay up the disappointment in the heart, the heart read aloud to turn to move, the circumstance of apex then the moment

reflect into the brain.
  Know peony and rose just in the treatment, day once the Lin idea turn and display the Shu that the space jump up, winked

to is an apex and fall at the cloud secondary rainbow saint female nearby."I miss a person to walk everywhere and they ask

you to on behalf shine on to see."
  The cloud secondary rainbow saint female looking atUgg Sale   him, cool way:"Go to, attention safety."Day Han head with tiny Lin,

immediately leave.
  Silent field ice, broad and limitless.Ling the flower receive order with Lin2 Fan to find out news, but have no an

explicit direction.Two people have already flown along while on the field ice and set foot in square number 100 inside,

regrettable the slightest have no a detection any abnormality.

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Read aloud dint in fact be a mentality, float world Bi Fu, the boundless Cang sea be like one Su, that all just read aloud dint of concrete application just."The sea breeze soft explanation say.

    "True dollar can conversion is mentality?"Lin2 Nan2 anxiously ask.

    "True dollar can conversion in order to read aloud dint, read aloud the dint can also conversion is true dollar, they original be mutually, certainly, conversion also not is so easy of, it concern a dollar absolute being, true dollar bead and world spiritual influence, its process of complications, turn to change it difficulties, Cheap Ugg Boots  very person of think, one be not good, be a dollar body to to the utmost ruin, dollar absolute being accompany put out.So, is fix true boundary, very few someone to carry on conversion to both."The sea breeze soft voice is so high-class, such dangerous matter's speaking Ping-ho from her unexpectedly be cool.

    "Leave, we still keep finding out spirit clansmen first and see them have a way."Ghost hand the elder be long to give a sigh, whole individual be so weak have no dint.

    "Elder, I forgot to tell you a matter.BE ……"the sea breeze be soft to hesitatingly say.

    "What matter?The difficult way still has than this more miserably of?"Ghost hand the elder be impatient, once the big hand flick a way, " is quick to say and we had no time, the day was black soon, and the evil monster was quick to come out."

    "Possibility, probably than this still miserably."The sea breeze soft voice still keep speak hesitatingly.

    "Exactly is what, quick say!"Lin2 Nan2 and sea day the Hui be nasty.

    "Yes, it is quick to say, speak to let everyone together three detailed!"The ghost hand elder nastily snort and stare in anger, the whole individual turn round and round, if sea breeze's being soft isn't girl's son, only afraid he early slap dozen past.

    "In fact, the spirit clansmen has been ising hostile to mankind very, because mankind always be take them to be tool, basically not respect they be particularly some the respected master of evil religion and sorcery door, do a machine soul to increase the power of adder with the spirit clansmen in succession."The sea breeze is as far as possible and tactfully soft to speak of toward the Lin2 Nan2 San people.

    "What does this mean again?"The ghost hand elder apparently has no the meaning of understand sea breeze soft words.

    "This attack which mean us to not only want to face the attack of evil monster, but also want to face spirit clansmen in the difference boundary."See a Lin2 Nan2 San people as if a foolish person be similar, the sea breeze be soft and straight-tempered to pick the words clear.

    "BE not, be the rumours spirit clansmen a peaceable race?"Sea day the mouth along while of the Hui match not Long, know, just he canned consume in the timespace bumpy air not a few true the dollar isn't a half to at that time engrave an ability instauration, luckily purple lotus bellboy that huge mentality gave them buffer once, otherwise they early is press by the timespace bumpy air of even residue all have no.

    "You work well the worst plan."

    "Have a way remediable, know do we still want to ask space magic trick toward the spirit clansmen!"Lin2 Nan2 sound out to ask.

    "I also don't know, once jotted down in the square the Shu tall tale and say spirit clansmen is that the tree of life was subjected to dark compromise of strength, so now of the spirit clansmen lost skeleton and lie between the person and the soul.If this legend be true, if we can help the tree that they sweep life and probably still have hope."The sea breeze soft tone is so weak, can hardly let the person believe the reliability of its words.

    "Which afraid just a silk hope, we also will fight for and leave!"The ghost hand elder lead off Teng empty but.

    "Where do we go?"Sea day Hui shout loudly ground to ask.

    "Seek a place first to camp out, later of matter tomorrow again say!"


The text chapter 105 spirit

    Spirit, spirit, spirit

    I hear the reed voice on the grass point,

    I hear accept singing of put the flower petal inside flower Xin,

    I hear a department the four seasons of Zhang alternation of the silver horn blow ring,

    I hear at right against the face of the sea breeze flow of harp voice ……

    But, I the one who could not see spread of melody,

    The spirit is a legendary outcome, is a lead the way of beauty be the life which conceal in ten thousand matter creations symbol in the verse.-Those shy spirit.With mankind very elephant, have sharp point of the ear be a beauty longevity of race.General take forest as a house, fancy nature, the emotion be delicate, voice tuneful, is naturally of poet and dancer;The visual field is also a person under the dusk condition of 200%, so controled superb arrows Shu;The scholarship is erudite and have very high natural endowments to the sorcery.The spirit general ability live 700 years old above, this is also why they always in no hurry reason.The spirit always take pleasure in the inapprehensible ffair is at some mankind top cost a great deal of of time:Listen the flowing water of Chan Chan, the Ming breeze of Lin2 Zhong Niao3 blow ……to spirit the meaning of life lie in slowly the detection fine place, and full enjoy it.The spirit is main to have four greatest races, namely breeze spirit, water spirit, fire spirit and wood spirit.Moreover still have very few number of light spirit and dark spirit.Breeze spirit, all is all young girl, the body be translucent, there is thin wing, master in breeze to fasten magic trick, list the body grow, produce egg every 100 years, egg general hatch from eggs for 30 days, small breeze spirit demand long 200 year just become adult;Water spirit, they all have snow-white of of breast and upper arm, eyes of navy blue, the body of soft demon Rao.They like a drama at the surface upper stream.Their dress is transparent, blue, white, or green of yarn dress.Sometimes their games become a dozen to make, with each other grasp hair, tore clothes, fierce blunt on the reef, the disease voice wail aloud.Water spirit is also a list body to grow, its growth process moderate breezes the spirit be similar, but the wood spirit seem to be particularly lovely.The type of figure is very small, and dog's head of height similar, the body color be transparent, long have wing and antenna of butterfly, they isn't a list body to grow, but have male have female.Male wood spirit the personality be irascible, even can be said to be ferocious, they to outside comer and animal have very strong hostility and offensiveness, female wood spirit Wen Yuan lovely, Tian the United States big degree, very hospitality.The fire spirit is easy to recognize, they head top living hair of have the flames form, like to wear the clothes of fire red, habit strong drink, not cent men and women, all take capacity for liquor Gao as proud of, they are to grow a times 200 year, however don't be to produce egg, but viviparous.As for light spirit, they be most noble of spirit, body and mankind about, but ratio mankind beauty many, curling up in the air physique, fragrance of skin, elegance of dress skirt, they is unique can with day female mutually match in excellence of race;But dark spirit, the characteristic be very obvious, their bloods be a blue of, so skin is also blue of, can their eyes then green of.Dark spirit general underneath activity in forest, to ray special sensitive, love dark, this perhaps is why they call dark spirit.

    At the faraway ancient times, the purple gold be big six is also existence spirit of.Perhaps is mankind to loot severity threat arrive spirit of existence, the clan king of spirit clan and 90 elder use oneself of blood and soul developped a passage and moved into all spirit clansmen difference boundary, for keeping mankind from cross also the door of timespace to arrive at difference boundary, they established a strong space method boundary.Therefore, in the brain of spirit clansmen, rightness always mankind nothing important good will, so Lin2 Nan2 this time plea for help from spirit clan perhaps isn't so optimism.

    In the bird Ming voice of chirps, a sun of red Tong Tong gradually rise, clear glorious spread to on all sides, give the limitless wood plated top the 1 F be captivating pink.

    "Just a sun how?Why isn't the color aureate?"Lin2 Nan2 shout loudly, feel not apprehensible.

    "Eldest brother please!Do you fix a true boundary person?How to connect these common senses all don't know?"Sea day the Hui take inclined eyes to conjecture Lin2 Nan2, just like long three monster of head.

    "This have what very strange of, you think the somebody else be like you and turn over idle reading every day!The somebody else but a heart fix Lian, you see now, although you be older than somebody else, can fix for clap a horse to all make track for not top somebody else.Hum!Kui you return not bashful say, is really a person don't know from ugly, the horse don't know face long!"The sea breeze is hurriedly soft to vindicate for Lin2 Nan2.

    "Princess, you, you-" sea day the Hui spirit keep a dozen to fall.

    "I, I how again?"The sea breeze was soft to turn over to turn over cold stare.

    "How don't you help me, on the contrary help outsider?"

    "I just consider the case as it stands!"

    "Have not marry and then anxiously stick the somebody else's bottom is anxiouslyreally a female big not medium stay!"Sea day the Hui Xing Xing ground whisper.

    "What do you say?What do you say?"The sea breeze is particularly soft concussion, if isn't her to fix in order to be sealed, only afraid she immediately open sea the fire of Hui for day.

    "Didn't, nothing important."Sea day Hui hurriedly negation, know the sea breeze be soft but princess, oneself have already begged her opportunity and the rise, never guard a pass to fasten to failed.

    "Good, good, don't be noisy, the urgent matter of the moment be a decision we go toward which direction walk?"Ghost hand elder hurriedly dozen circle field, after all union is strength, particularly the time in this Uggs Clearance     difficulty, more should Ning become one ply rope.

    "Where leave spirit clansmen near where do we go?"Sea day the Hui suggest a way.

    "This isn't the useless talk, can you know which direction have spirit clansmen?"The sea breeze soft spirit shouted a ground of crest 1.

    "You-" sea day the Hui want to become angry again, but at the thought of sea breeze soft identity, hence shut up.

    "Yi?Leave our place of 200 insides just occurrence 1 to fight.Ha ha, good lovely person, only have a few inches Gao, return be covered with the butterfly similar wing, difficult way is this a spirit?"

    "BE a spirit, long have wing of must be a wood spirit!"Sea breeze is soft to happily say, connect a day quarrel of Hui with sea also attend to not top.

    "200 inside?Old day, you how see so far, know this is at difference boundary!"The ghost hand elder eyes drum drum of, absolutely thoroughly crazy.

    "Is the difference boundary what's wrong?"Lin2 Nan2 feel didn't what's wrong.

    "Difference the boundary be a strange of space, it to mankind of true dollar and mentality even the magic trick all offset of function, particularly is respond aspect, ignore you of fix for have much Gao, at difference boundary, you be most to respond 90 inside, this be 99 laws of Zhao!"The sea breeze is soft to know Lin2 Nan2's knowledge not enough, favour to he explanation.

    "I don't know that however really have effect of glue the Zhi to my mentality here, know, big in the purple gold six, my mentality farthest can scan to reach to 10,000 inside, but here not line, probably is 300 inside."

    "10,000 inside?"Sea day the along while of the Hui match not Long and is this still a person?Too terror!

    "Does this consider as what?Meet for me of there are fix of several people for exceed me."

    "?BE all some what person?"Ghost hand elder, the sea breeze is soft sea day the Hui immediately come to interest.

    "1 are a ghost eye day, at three mountains in the overseas ……" Lin2 Nan2's words haven't say that finish, drive ghost hand the elder give milli- Don't mention it of the ground interrupted, "ghost eye day we know and you don't say."

    "The person of the another doesn't know him to call what name, but mentality particularly terror, only afraid not at ghost eye day under."

    "Still having whose mentality can day with ghost eye compare, this oddness?"The ghost hand elder hold chin to contemplate.

    "He has to leave what Chen the type of language of?"The sea breeze is soft to anxiously ask.

    "Have, say what hole the day contain ten thousand Qings, life and death one scar, the Pu Du is a myriad living things, day Yu term I line, don't I know him to be what person?"

    "BE him!No wonder that."Ghost hand elder, the sea breeze is soft sea day Hui three people exclaim a way in the meantime.

    "Who  is he exactly?"Lin2 Nan2 Ji2.

    "He is the another myth which fix true boundary, is also currently the only 1 can with Fu Xia true the person match in excellence of person-hole sky person, concerning his story and legend, be also say for seven days and seven nights not over, but your teacher, namely Fu Xia true person, before and behind with he put together Dou 7, among them four win three lose, the for this reason person be fix true the reputation of boundary be notter low than your teacher, be just he never hole day sea, do you how can run into him?"

    "Originally is he person in the hole sky?"Lin2 Nan2 soliloquize, after all when the Cui joss-stick descend a hospital cloud dragon the staff to their introduction lead hole sky person.

    "I didn't see him at all and just heard him say some kind of words."Hence Lin2 Nan2 the business of him and person in the hole skies to sea breeze soft they said.

    "Does not person in the hole sky call by mentality Zhao?Difficult way now he fix for again another have break?In a mess, in a mess, don't that grandpa be to can hardly catch up him?"The sea breeze is soft to worriedly say.Here conveniently pair of Hong Huang's eight fairy explainations once, Hong Huang eight fairies is Fu Xia true person, hole sky person, nine You palace of former incumbent palace lord nine You too, float for a day, Ge Ge lord sights true gentleman, small esoteric doctrine Zong Zhu3 Ku3 kind Buddhist monk, the Ci Du of the big esoteric doctrine, white Gu Zong Zong Zhu3 stay Mt. Heaven a person with evil Zong Zi3 palace temple lord purple form dragon king.In this eight people, only hole sky the person be unknown to have no parties, his whole body unique thou the Shuo fix now for but with oneself the 1.1 drops of Lian come out of, true let the person don't already admire, another there is all of five people in this eight greatest respected masters is a parties it lord, namely nine You too, sights true gentleman, bitterness kind Buddhist monk, stay Mt. Heaven person and purple form dragon a king.BE fix true boundary, totally there are two greatest superior's placards, one is a Hong Huang is eight fairies, another a is to fall Xia nine sons.The rumours fall Xia nine all-powerful true persons in the son Wang2 Da4 Dou3 with purple form dragon is three draw, plus Fu Xia true the person is to fall Xia nine sons in, so is fix true boundary, fall Xia position and Hong Huang of nine sons the position of eight fairies equal.

    "In a mess, the circumstances of that spirit seem to be far from good, I rush through first past, you later on come."Shua-, Lin2 Nan2's figure became a regiment falsely a shadow to disappear.

    "Feed, which directions be that spirit ?"The ghost hand elder worriedly shout a way.

    "Northeast-" voice is curling up in the air not unique, but the person have already seen disappear shadow.

    "Old, old."The ghost hand elder connect a voice regrets.

    "We also rush through past."The sea breeze is soft to say.


    Shua-, the Lin2 Nan2's body crossed space, quick arrived at to fight of the spot.The circumstances of that spirit use far from good come to description, see him that five color of the wing blood stain spot spot, weak breast top many hole with thick thumb, have into spirit give vent to anger, estimate leave dead not far.It is a monster with evil geezer with what this wood spirit fight each other.Of world, power the strange big monster be total to have 5 kinds, namely evil monster, work properly a monster, strong monster, day monster and absolute being monster.Among them day monster and absolute being monster only evil absolute being in the fairy three boundaries just have, but purple gold only the Cape evil snake lie at the evil monster and work properly an of monster and day monster, theory natural endowments, definite is best, but monster real strenght combine incompletely depend natural endowments, but true dollar, innate intelligence, natural endowments and intelligence of comprehensive.

    See this evil monster body deer, the head be like Qiao, angular but snake tail, the line be like leopard, the muscle of the drum drum underneath be full of the strength of explosion.Saw Lin2 Nan2, that evil monster 1:00 also not afraid, indignantly dozen ring nose, the waist be one bow, the arrows be similar to rush at that spirit, want to rob at Lin2 Nan2 of front be over fight.Lin2 Nan2 still anxiously hope spirit clansmen of help, again how be the meeting like what it expected?The Lin2 Nan2's hand slightly moved, 1 seven colourful tapes appeared without basis, set the neck which lived that evil monster, Lin2 Nan2 make an effort one Lei again, the momentum of that evil monster be immediately settle.See 1 seven colourful tapes stretch tight of straight, but that evil monster imitate a Fo carvings similar stop quietly in the sky, the one step can't also move.

    "Carefully, that evil monster be to fly Lian!"That wood spirit send out weak and clear and crisp of voice, ?BE female spirit, rumours female spirit good natured, enthusiasm hospitality, in Lin2 Nan2 Xin not from ground many several cent confidence.

    Fly the Lian is what things, Lin2 Nan2 still a time hear, basically have no concept."Ha ha, need not afraid, I would protection you of."Lin2 Nan2 Chong that wood spirit Mian Tian the ground smiled to smile, once the left hand lift, 1:00 multicolored ray of light quick shoot in that wood spirit of get hurt of chest.Zi Zi, the glory be more and more prosperous, very quick cover with that lovely of the body of spirit.Not and in a short while, that wood spirit not only all of condition of the injury good, whole individual return long Gao 1 inch, that fine wing top is also many a multicolored of text decoration, let that wood spirit look particularly beautiful.

    "You, be you the absolute being of the forest?"The absolute being vestige that that wood spirit is display by Lin2 Nan2 was frightened to death, so that flowing freely magic trick, so that deeply fix for, everything of everything, only the absolute being of the forest just have so of miracle.

    "Not, I ain't an absolute being, I be a person, and I be the mankind of the way of a fan."Lin2 Nan2 simple and honestly smiled and peep out his pure tooth."Now see me to teach this evil monster!"Say that finishing Lin2 Nan2 Shou is tight the tape in the hand.That fly Lian seem to the felling arrive own circumstances far from good, four the hoof be one Yang, Hua, that fly Lian body to imitate a Fo wave similar and vacillating, a geezer motion along colourful take to spread toward Lin2 Nan2.

    "What motion?"Lin2 Nan2 feel very oddness, situation's being clear be an one lucidity, this evil monster still think approaching death flounder."Good, I help you!"Lin2 Nan2's hand hair dint fiercely, one circle helical energy along colourful took to spread past.

The text chapter 106 evil monster fly Lian

    Bang-, the geezer motion ran into Lin2 Nan2 send out of spiral energy, suddenly what Lin2 Nan2 Yi4 anticipate was incredibly that motion to gobble up his energy, immediately after his whole body continued to receive 1,001 times strange of pound at, each shot be all heavy in Mount Taishan.Lin2 Nan2 had never take precautions against this bottom eat big Kui, the favour was quick to promote the mentality of oneself.That mentality promote such violent, with as for that wood spirit see  Ugg Sale one and other silvery energy gush from Lin2 Nan2's body, but the ray of light of that silver gray be full of each inch space more, let Lin2 Nan2 Zheng3 individual look is so of Gao Da4 be violent.

    Bang-, was the last shot to spread to come over, the Lin2 Nan2's hand was finally loose to open that colourful take.Get freedom of fly Lian a big mouth is 1, that tape so drive it the one mouthful absorbed to go in."Hum!"Lin2 Nan2 was layer after layer to hum 1 and had never thought oneself at that time the gist to incredibly eat big Kui.Fly the Lian took a tongue to lick to lick lips and return to send out Za Za of voice, seem to at derision Lin2 Nan2.

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Ha ha ……do you say?"I still keep moderately smiling, the smiling face on the face is rated as fabulous middleman to rear the harmless high state.Can in this a moment of public see, but complete generally ferocious with nine evil absolute beings in the You regions terror.Cold sweat leaks out from their spines, then slowly flows bottom.

"Like, Hong boy, don't make, the absolute being machine is very a spirited, the careful mistake harms."Yang Feng interrupts a way, simultaneously Ugg Sale   don't stay touching of trace to touch cold sweat.

"?"Become overdo, I toward once Yang Feng Zhan Yan smile, the facial expression is extremely moderate, " elder generation, am I like playing trick?"

"Have no.Is that I is playing trick, you continue."The Shan smiles, Yang Feng repeatedly retreats and sees toward the vision of segment Chuan and also becomes from the commiseration of begging much blessing.

"H'm ……" segment Chuan hands embrace chest, the facial expression on the face suddenly falls grave.Raise head, segment Chuan one face positive color of say to me:"Hong boy, I wish you and beautiful if Ya Er Ren, the hoary head arrives old, a hundred years match so much, night after night sound of music and song, 100 sons are thousands."

"Ha ha ……in fact I even hope you say to me, wish us forever together, happy conjugal love.After all, can we all want into the person of absolute being.100 years which enough, moreover, become absolute being after, can't we become old."While speaking, I stay calm and collected of hand in of murdered absolute being sword to accept, good have never begun general.At the moment of I, still smile so of gentleness.

Touched touch some painful neck of deliverings, the segment Chuan Shan smiled two- track:"Like, the everybodies all take a rest earlier, tomorrow was a finals.Long Bo, Hong boy, you two inside must have one to obtain a champion."

"This need not you say that I will also attain."At the moment of I, facial expression suddenly a coolly smile just:"Tomorrow small Ye I, willing let the Mu permit long breeze, this guy can not eat Dou to walk.The new enemy adds old hate, together with him calculate calculate."

The "shout ……" breeze roar sky waited a long of person at a stretch, saying of regrets:"Eldest brother, you still look like this more moderate."

", I just smiled not enoughly gentle and soft?"I the eyes Lin rise and ponder of saw a breeze roar one eye for sky.

"E ……the gentleness was gentleness, but always had a kind of greatly terrified felling that let people."

", BE?"

"H'm."It is public to together and together nod a way.


Beg recommendation, beg to collect, beg an evaluation!This book needs your support!I just made a survey and hoped that each spectator doesn't hesitate to write me, at under here thanked humbly.I promise that your vote datas will become my decision, not only only is reference just!This work survey closes into this book end.

Chapter 136 four strong wars

World will the fourth day of martial big match, the weather has been already welled turn, the tiny cool autumnal winds lightly once swept and started to take in fine threads didn't spread to to the utmost receive water vapor, dreamy.But regrettable BE, today of public have no so good carefree and contented mood to appreciate this beautiful scenery.Their visions all have already completely focused at ratio force on the stage, those four Aos however stand erect, look sideways a peak superior of the youth of world body up!

Nickname white dress snow, a Nu murders absolute being of I!

Long the hair is like Pu, eastern China empire of the Long Lin Shen's sword horizontal chest big emperor, sub- Long Bo, !

The handsome Yi is aery, the cruel hand is hot, and sword enemy Yun's Mu permits long breeze!

Achievement method absolute being, evil Wu Shuang Xiu's Si pulls especially.Mo Ni!

At Kai Di sorcery high class college of main ratio force on the stage, a coming be rated as world youth extremely superior of highest point rightness definitely, Duo that world the name of first youth superior!

This fights, the life and death is from sky!

"Hum!The Hong splits ice, the blood enemy of my ancestry will sacrificeUggs Clearance  with your blood today!"The Mu permits long breeze coolly on smiling and ooze the idea of killing of person to nowise cover up of take into to release.

Imitating the Buddha is to feel the idea of killing of host and decidedly, the Mu permits long contain a gold in the breeze hand of the time of the rule strength absolute being machine, immediately break out to together dash forward the spirited gold of cloudy regions long grass, the Dian of horizontal Gen blue sky.Arrogant Gang breeze with the Mu permit long breeze body for center of a circle, start to concuss a way way Yuan if being substantial is general of the gold color Lian Qi, dispersed spread, the Hao concusses to rise and fall.

Feel the override at five ranks on of strength, Long Bo of the first hit and Si pulls especially.Mo Ni 2 people can not help repeatedly falling back two, on the face shockingly of the facial expression is extremely.

"The rule divine power of very huge gold, Mu's permitting hero is really a good hand segment."The Si pulls especially.The Mo Ni eyes Lin however, double the eyebrow is tightly wrinkly." Have already truely come to a the strength layer of the half absolute being class with the rule strength of this capitalization!In other words, the Mu in nowadays permits long breeze, already a much more equal to half absolute being class is strong war capability!"

"Seal evil Dan inside the monster into time an absolute being machine in, will certainly have and biggest exhaust.Can even if such, but still keep having the rule strength of thus huge gold ……"Long Bo shake head a wry smile way:"The Mu that can fight to kill a thus strong half absolute being class evil monster permits hero, is really a good hand segment."

Together in the Class, evil monster, work properly a monster because natural endowments of reason, want usually compare together Class of strong severe get many.After all, a mankind's body how also impossible and more than these natural endowments native endowmentses evil monster.So, deal with a half absolute being entry-level of evil monster, usually want to become the strong in the half absolute being to make moves then can the dint press a to raise, but also can hurt but can not kill.

But now, obvious this go into the Mu permit long the evil Dan inside the monster of time absolute being machine in the breeze hand, fix in order to be bier long odds than a common evil monster, perhaps have already come to a the half absolute being class to greatly become, even higher situation.And the natural endowments magical power of this evil monster, perhaps even if is half absolute being to greatly become highest point to ascend can not beg for like.Want to deal with a such kind of evil monster, and still want to kill in fighting on the spot it, that is to make moves the Mu of permit hero that actually get strong arrive what kind of situation.

"Have what marvel so much of, Long Bo."I am cool on smiling, all over the body 360 big cave golden light flow out, and the source of vitality is full of life.Is billowing to spray to flow out from my body like the Kui dike general flood in Yangtze River but, condensing at my body form one whole set is completely substantial to turn of gold color battle armor, break out astounding Hai popularity power.But this strength, unexpectedly the Mu of ratio permits the Wei of the rule of the gold of time absolute being machine in the long breeze hand and also want more very a raise!

"Do not forget, the Mu permits although the hero is strong,connect my seniorses all don't necessarily opponent.But your ancestry Long Teng Di's gentleman, but even Be candid in saying my seniorses rather old-brand absolute being class.", I disdain to of Pie Pie mouth, add a way:"Do not say to is now, which afraid the Mu permit hero 100 Chinese foot Gan the head is further, achieved absolute being class, still keep being not your opponent of old ancestor!So say ……you are thin to settle 1:00, come, smile 1 for Ye."

"Eldest brother, you don't falsely through, the games all started."Long Bo wry smile way.

"I am very serious, you see, the sword of crack gold of my left hand all already soon the Ning take shape."The words sound didn't fall, I Be suddenly horizontal empty even to move an one step, differed of hiding of milli- Li over the Mu permit long the breeze suddenly stab very and soon of sword.Once the wrist turn over and overaly to fight an anti- hand of the right hand of the Kai of absolute being gold to toward rear is one Zhang.

Permit long breeze, this guy to the Mu, I don't dare to have the slightest of the heart of slight, although I see is to just talk with Long Bo, my work properly to know already embellish for show open, the prison prison stares at Mu to permit the body of growing the breeze.At he to my sword for an instant, I have already had to realize, so just can avoid being seen and make moves to backstroke in momentary.

Own to contain the Mu of the rule strength absolute being soldier of gold to permit long breeze out of the blue of severe, fight sword to sweep, I that is good enough to the dint press common half absolute being class Wu Zhe of a Zhang be unexpectedly warded off with the sword by him.

However very obviously, the Mu permits long the breeze seem to be for my hand, why didn't drive he contains a regular gold time absolute being machine chop in two, feel more of surprise.

"Hum-" Mu permits long breeze cold the skill of Ugg Boots Sale  extreme achievement huming 1, being rated as speed use once again, quick if is cold to give or get an electric shock, the knish eye can not realize of speed, in a twinkling disappear without a trace.But, the shoot a public soul of kill an idea on the contrary become more and more strong.

"Hum!Joke!"The sneer way that I disdain to, " Mu permits long breeze, you think that your speed can once get to control whereabouts absolute being quickly nine I?Hum!Old ancestor in your house came still about!"

You 1:00, fall absolute being nine in a twinkling display with the melody of breeze but, anything that vanishes, my figure suddenly appears at the fast- speeding Mu permit long the breeze is before the body!

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That you call my dragon, or Long Ge.You choose by yourselves."I wanted to mean to say a way.I am casually you call me what of!

"Come.Be apart from here there is a minute of road."Beautiful snow finishes saying the car that we in the moment appeared cosmos consociation.When our in front stops a bottom exactly a minute.Ha ha, see to robot still keep there being advantage.

The car top and bottom comes to a person who is dressed in major clothing, he walks to my in front obeisance to say:"Bear arms a department penny department, the Lin Yun major reports to major general Lee."

"Like, thank.That do we want allied troops' headquarters in the cosmos?Uggs On Sale  "I also salute to ask a way.

"Does not that come to order to ask you yes and above to carry out the task of combat?I to send word."The saying of honesty of that person.

"That I want!"Finish saying and then once turned round and Yu star they opened a debate."You see how?Is directly last the battlefield be still training in base how many months at up battlefield?"

"I feel to directly go, we now but Be getting more fierce.Still want what train!"The Yu star is irresponsible of say.

"How?Do you feel?The day shows off you to come to say."I want to still keep listenning to the day showing off betterly.

"I agree with the viewpoint of Yu star this time.We now but even vanquish the unmanned driver's robots.I think to be able to be competent this task."The day shows off to also consentiently say.

I once turned round to say to that major:"Like, we answered.However our martial Dou machines isn't last time that several sets?It still is preparing one set.I also want to have fun!Like, will this set good."Finish saying and then go up.

"You next go to.This set was mine now."I open the pilot whom the bridge house towards an inside to say.

"BE, major general!"That soldier has already kept on respecting a gift.See to my post still full Gao of!

"Like, do you say that we are going to there carry out a task?"I entered bridge house to ask a way.I don't think that the Yu star so has no brains.But the Yu star at the right moment have already started Wu Dou Ji to want to set out.Listen to me so a said to just listen to down.

"BE leave the Mao star of my quite a few ten thousand light years.You get to there be crack down on there of anti- armed go.The cosmos pirate then calls to give us good."That person says.

How to once listenned to over there Mao star?"You who have ever listenned to had no?"I think that the others should know!

"Is the television that I watched last night in put?Did you forget?Still have me how to do?You have Wu Dou Ji but do I have no?"Beautiful snow shouts loudly a way on the ground.

Ha ha!Give° her to forget."Is one thing so!To, beautiful snow you with want to sit of sit together well."I want to at the right moment can give her the opportunity to make.

"Okay.That I sit your flank good."Finished saying and then climbed to come up.But the others then have been already left.They just come to inform mandatory.The affair finished later leave.

"Why?I am to create a so good opportunity for you, you how ascend me to come to do here what?"I small voice of say to beautiful snow.Originally thinking can that she sits to together just say like this with lover.Now like she unexpectedly sat to my martial Dou to come on board.Really don't know how she is thought.

"It doesn't matter.You drive."Beautiful snow finishes saying and then embraces my waist.Can't, matter with go to this have no of choose.

"Like, everyone prepares space to jump up.Sit to mark Mao star!"I finished saying and then wanted to start.But which also can not find the button that the space jumps up.

"Long Ge, you that set does the free jump up?The good elephant only legendary martial Dou machine just has of?Still have you are a space to how can anyone know jump up of?"The day shows off wireless to say to me.

"That I also hear.Like, you give me the cosmos map.Good.You walk first now.I wait for a second to come right away."The day showed off and passed my empress to the map and then walked.The others are also similar.

"Long Ge, are you really all right?Wanting don't we come to help you?"The Yu star and shell Lai Sis didn't walk.

"Thank.You don't walk now that I can walk.Beautiful snow is walking.The space greatly moves to move!"Finish saying I used to fix with the divine power true is used long-distancely to leave the magic trick of transmission.My martial Dou machine side appeared a thing with similar black hole, I flewed into then disappear their in front at the Yu star.

"Long Ge is very fierce!It is an energy value to just probe into have already exceeded 350,000.Incredibly carry on the transmission to the so huge martial Dou machine with the manpower is really severe."The Yu star shockedly says.However finish eating a surprised empress to also disappear at first.

"Long Ge, are you how to come?"The day shows off to see I appear don't understand in front of them of ask a way.

"Ha ha, nothing important.Is a Mao star here?Let's land?Yu star they soon cameUgg Boots Sale   right away.Orchid friendship you don't worry."I see the martial Dou machine of orchid friendship still just there tease of say.

"I ignored you.Know to humiliate me!"The orchid friendship gets angry of say.

"Ha ha, like, you see them not is come?Is beautiful snow your nothing important?"I finish saying and then say to beautiful snow.

"Nothing important.Dragon are you very fierce?Are you how to attain?"Beautiful snow curiously asks a way.

I wanted to mean to say a way:"This is the secret.You asked a Yu star them to know."Finish saying with Yu star they have already landed Mao star up together

Chapter 59-~the Yu star be grasped~

We land out-of-the-way place in one."Long Ge, why do we land here?Can we land in the city?"Yu star again not through brain of say.

"Your idiocy!Thus the greatly martial Dou machine hasn't got to city and then been beaten down.You seek dead!Don't we want to become long feeling target."The day shows off in a side to say.Thus 2 people fought again.

"Like, you are two to not be fighting.Everyone puts own martial Dou machine here now like.We walk over like this."I say.If open into and then will definitely make people know that consociation soldier in the cosmos arrived.Thus the affair can hardly check.

"That we put them here.I have a little not rest assured.If does someone comes to see how they do?"Yu Xing worries of ask a way.I think that he is afraid that the other people steal them.

"Trust.You start the invisible device all right.And even if other people's seeing also open not and walk at most is to pull to walk.Like, you go first to open invisible device."Finish saying I walked into my to be getting more invisible it in martial Dou machine.The others also followed to work well.My walked downing and then establisheding to have a knot boundary can walk to come in in the surroundings nobody.And I put into my martial Dou machine a difference time dollar inside."Like, everyone saw.Here is the nobody walks of come in.Here I establish a knot boundary, if want to break it and then have to use the strength of the big decuple than it just can.Thus you trusted!"I speak proudly a way.

"That elder brother Long, the strength that knots boundary is how much?Meeting can't a while compare break?Still have that we how go in?"The Yu star beside worries again of say.I really want to beat him up!Unexpectedly doubt my ability.He doesn't consider as well I is who, I am absolute being!!To this he doesn't know.However he unexpectedly doesn't believe his own teacher.

"Good.Beautiful snow is seen the strength value that knots boundary with your energy locator is how much."I become overdo to say to after death beautiful snows.Definitely there is this kind of thing on her body.

Beautiful snow didn't also say what start probing into.This probe into her and ate a surprised energy value unexpectedly at 100,000.Although isn't a very high number, if really thinking what I said is similar to want to use is bigger than the words of strength of decuple.Are those that how may 1,000,000 strengths have martial Dou machine like this."Energy value is 100,000.Even if is only order so the nobody can break this knot boundary."Is beautiful snow many everyones say.

Everyone a listen to this number very shocked.However Yu star and shell Lai Si are good friends with 1:00.After all they saw with own eyes me to jump up a huge monster space to Mao star.To now this some immunity dint."What.100,000?Common combat robot also only 120,000 energy numbers.I see put here very safety."The day shows off to analytically say.But the others then had no an opinion.I still just five set Wu Dou Ji below established a transmission.Time of needing spread to deliver.However now still don't tell their like.Mine put at my different time dollar space good.Isn't good, small gold and small ash don't know the meeting can't chase it when the dessert ated!I must hurry to tell them.

At difference space small gold and small ash at in play.Suddenly and in the sky drop down a big helmet."Small ash, this can't be the host of?His body has how big?The good elephant has no!Wear to me still a little bit greatly!"The small gold rounds Wu Dou Ji to turn around of say.

"I wear should at the right moment.It probably is what host do for me.I come to try and see, how does this wear?"Say and then make physical advances to it.Be don't open.

"Stop.Didn't you want that thing to know?It not is give yours.Like, I threw to order delicious head office next time!Now not just let while coming out you.Know?Never move that?"I use to spread scheme design to say to them.I still don't know that they have already moved.However the nothing important loses just.

"Knew host.You must take to deliciously come over!I stay with small ash here vexed."Finish saying again beginning and small ash played.

"Dragon, what's the matter with you?From just till now you a words didn't also say.You can't get sick?"Beautiful snow sees I stunned say.Still by hand put on my forehead to want to see my body temperature.(Will the robot feel?Doubt in ……)

I am original at with small gold small ash converse, so outside of affair all didn't attention way.Drive beautiful snow so a call awake come over."Be free, you over sensitive.Good.We arrive now where?"I take away the hand of beautiful snow to say.We take bus , the car is Wu Dou Ji's top.Originally did we still make to worry how to go to!Want afterwards Wu Dou probably should has pileup on board.So seek.The result still really found out a car.However the style of this car really wants a little bit old.(Should be very old.)Result no one dares to drive these two cars.This is the Yu star but volunteer of want to drive.He also says driver's technique of these two cars, he once learned.The result makes him open and got on the car hereafter ask him to learn there of, learn how long empress we really regret.His answer is:I go to school in the net!Although have never physically once driven however can practice now.Study a driver well and think for an hour!Because he teach for an hour!

Finish listenning to his words, we really wanted to die to calculate.However the fact proved a matter.That is absolutely to can't let again hereafter Yu star to drive.Although he opens now can also, however he but packed to pour 50 trees, several ten sand heaps.And the most important 1:00 is that he give°ed the brake to break.We go in secret by per hour several 100 kilometers of speed now.Don't know, will can't die here!If be known that lord absolute being in a cosmos unexpectedly dies in a trouble by the thunder.He definitely smiles dead.

"Time that probably leaves to bump a city still has ten minutes.Be free of, you have never seen Long Ge to establish for everyone of us to conclude boundary.Can't occupy!"Yu star still just a side make cool criticism.

"The bastard is all what you harm.You dare also say like this.Cheap Ugg Boots    "The orchid friendship chokes the neck of the star of Yu to say.

"Cough, cough, you want to kill!"The Yu star frees from tangle the hand of orchid friendship to say.

"Good.Everyone prepareses!Don't crashing into a person is all right.You trust.My knot boundary isn't decoration.We can't occupy."I say to everyone.Only have because of leaving time bumping and destroying for a minute.

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Are you to sit at the same table?Can I before how have never listenned to have the Mo dust ever brought up you?"The Xing Qiao Hui is to want to see Chen Feng's contingency ability, after all be like her outside Qi CEO like this, to own business ability, human relations association, anti- should meet an emergency ability very high, examine oneself's daughter's boyfriend, more or less will take to select talent in some business enterprises of occupation common failing.

"Ha ha, is want to test me."Chen Feng inwardly smiled to smile, is Han Yun's place here, he also also Don't mention it, without telling anyone sit at Han Yun the rattan Uggs On Sale   chair in front up.

"Is very normal, the Mo dust has never brought up me with you, because I haven't pursued a Mo dust and only liked just before, for a classmate of common relation, if really brought up, estimated to is a Mo dust to like me."The answer way that Chen Feng talks big, indeed say of the truth.

"Very self-confident young man!"Han Zhi Qiang is tiny to tinily order to nod, at last just expressed to Chen Feng of affirmation.

"Slice, you at the beginning that is all day long muddle-minded, the kind son of slovenly, would that fool girl like you."

Han Mo Chen is ashamed white Chen Feng Yi's eye, Chen Feng Yi words at last, pour is make she snow-white cheek on clime to a to put on Xia red, Chen Feng once said to like with her as well before of matter, although know that she didn't also be matter once and wanted to be listenning to to just discover, Chen Feng saw his/her own look in the eyes sometimes still really have a little very strange before.

"Ha ha."Once the Xing Qiao Hui purse one's lips smile and come straight to the point of see ask a way to Chen Feng:"Is very self-confident of, said that you have what special features, can let Mo dust in our house show interest."

"Special features~~" Chen Feng still really doesn't know that oneself has what special features, look like to only have there of special of long, to Chen Feng in past, in addition to and several can suddenly and leisurely of classmate contentedly Tashan, pull skin, can calculate up especially long of, also true have no.

"What special features do I have?"Chen Feng turns to do a lot of thinking to start to be fierce thinking:"Have, thou martial arts and Dou spirit, it is a special features to should calculate up, some academic associations 1.3 feet cat efforts of, can don't divide jumping of situation come blind leap of, we this is the true effort, absolutely calculate up is a special features!"

"I meeting fighting skill, not know this calculate not be regarded as special features."Chen Feng Han head answer way.

"You meeting fighting skill?"This time and not only is a Xing Qiao Hui, Han Zhi Qiang of the part all peeped out a surprised facial expression.

"H'm, learn through 1:00 with a friend, should take of make moves."Chen Feng Wang's old woman sells melon, from sell a braggadocio way.

"Boy well big of tone."Han Zhi Qiang smiles to let go of to start to raise of cross-legged, the look in the eyes is orthoptic Chen Feng, Han Yun originally the force will be from, he from small follow Han Yun to up lead front line, once descended encampment, became familiar with since the childhood, up arrived some real meeting martial righteous person wood of the fighting skill, heroes of green woods, descend arrive some special kind soldiers of troops, don't say the another, for this father of oneself, only is to now stretch hand, 34 common run of people is all near not body.

Han Zhi Qiang saw his/her own father's Han Yun Yi's eye, to this Chen breeze way:"The small brothers says your meeting fighting skill, isn't all outsider here, you in public perform for a while how."

Hear here, Han Yun is to beaming with smilesly looking at Chen Feng, obviously also think may may Chen Feng's skill, last time only is in the step that undoubtedly won from Chen Feng, ambiguously felt this boy remarkable, flowed out on the momentary guts, sheared son for Chen Feng Yi, that was only the matter for an instant, this time poured is opportunity to come, livinged Ju carefreely and enough and quickly of generation force will, again where will endure live that silk within heart valiant state of mind.

Han Mo Chen of the one side is also a companion to be all seriousness of Han Yun and her grandmother, a face expectantly looking at Chen Feng, she is to have much of confidence to Chen Feng, if wind energy Chen displays true skill in own parents' in front, and that should mostly have a face.

"That good, I expose a skill for everyone."The Chen Feng's self-confidence is full to fullly stand, flicked to flick arm, stood to enter in the ex- turf-grass.

"The words that connect sentence condescension can't say, also is really a juniority frivolous."The robust body Zi that looking at Chen Feng, the small voice of Han Zhi Qiang underrated 1 by the side of Han Yun Er.

"H'm, have me the shadow in those early years."Han Yun's lightly following chin wayUgg Boots Sale    is up the lately- stayed out beard exclamation.

Han Zhi Qiang and Han Mo Chens' grandmother of the one side China Yu Ping 2 people mutually see one generation general that has already retreated two lines of smile, naturally can'ting sneer at.

The martial arts performs, pure is outside house to join a crowd for fun, the expert keeps the gate a way, here noodles.Afraid of Han Yun's father and son only can see ugly Yin of a statures some, two women, include Han Mo Chen to also only see a jollification.

In brief put begin type, Chen Feng decides to play all the way must from the loose crane boxing of flower old man, so-called loose crane, sincere such as the crane blare and recruit benefit breeze.

"Shout!"The strength inside the luck of Chen Feng An, shakes a feet boxing, on recruiting most commonly a begin type, Han Zhi Qiang of the one side who see's keeping shaking head , in his eyes, should be the stand for flowerpots sub- effort of some common set of roads.

Chen Feng also the reflection of inattentive other people, continue own loose crane boxing method, Chen Feng dances this boxing sword method is in the thou martial arts most basically and all the way the chain heart boxing method, only have heart method, there is no recruit type, the pure forging is martial of disposition, you are strong then he is strong, if you he then is weak.

Chen Feng begins simple have no China, although the fist looks like emollient, also nothing important special of, gradual of, along with Chen Feng Quan's road slowly the matter launch, the boxing also has to originally and greatly open to greatly match and changes into a later tiger tiger to living breeze.

"Drink!"Chen Feng shouts at top of voice, the one foot hits the ground, the body ups, fiercely meeting one punch in facing front, the fist of fieriness wields, unexpectedly is start to take an in a very short moment just the fierce current of air was also the boxing Gang for being so called, the fist stopped in the sky, the current of air starting to take unexpectedly blows front not the leaf of distance.

"What a guy."See the true effort that Chen Feng just make a show of, it is Han Yun to all can not help Zheng to compare big eyes.

Chen Feng's corner of mouth raises one smile of putting on, real performance, just start.

"The loose crane Li blares!"Chen Feng lightly shouts a , the figure flees tree, the right foot orders ground and unexpectedly start to fly one meter without basis many high, right boxing as if the crane beak generally hit, boxing breeze repeatedly, it is the feeling that is true to blare for person's a kind of stork Ti to feel to pour.

"Loose crane Yang wings!"Chen Feng lifts a boxing to backstroke, two hands become a boxing and match with body of turn, brandish to open, in the sky and simply turned over an empty turn over, the body unfolds to open to become the exhibition is wings-like in shape.

"The loose crane Li copies!"

At this time Chen Feng Yi the toe point fall, is already again jumped air by ground, small voice several people who praise highly at Cha time calmness come down, slightly show the Chi figure that the air Chen Feng dance moves of lookinging at of fan, imitate a Buddha to really see loose Lin Jian's great white crane general.

"Shout."Chen Feng figure flicker, hit the ground each time, right away in quick time flash across, the small tree at the side of body are unexpectedly the current of air bottom that boxing breeze and body that the fist that doesn't stop to flick at him starts to take start to take to keep fluttering.

Don't use 1:00 of true spirit and Dou spirit, all of what Chen Feng revieweds are effect that loosen crane boxing's get instant results.

"Touch!"Chen Feng hits one punch at the lawn on, on recruiting to loosen crane Zhuo feather, ended to play force this time.

"Good."Han Mo Chen has already not forbids to live endocentric concussion and can not control feelings of summon up Zhang for Chen Feng, although Chen Feng didn't perform to frightenedly fly, but this loose crane boxing is absolutely the cleanest and neat martial arts once seen by her.

"This boy where learn this skill effort, really is cause false alarm!"Han Yun at this time is already surprised if nature and man, Chen Feng's hand loosens a crane boxing, estimate even those to China martial arts at 1:00 all not understand of the foreigner is easily also the way of approach that can see my noodles.

Recruit breeze, the boxing leads Gang spirit, this isn't what ordinary people can accomplish, and Chen Feng just and then and first comes out of the spirit stop and think carefree, visit the vehemence of blade enough to spare, obviously is truely do then a son can make a show of of stretch hand.

Han Yun once got in touch with while being young to fight of the son, fight each other, is also this kind of appearance, this Chen's breeze still was really remarkable, very remarkable.

"The boy dedicates ugly."Chen Feng returns to Be, after lightly embracing aCheap Ugg Boots  boxing to signal hint, but being a gift a little bit and first the soldier's suspicion.

"Ha ha, the small breeze is quite good, Be getting more modest, this boxing method, regardless arrived where, all absolutely take of make moves."Han Yun loudly says with smile and starts to start to pull Chen Feng:"Walk, don't with them these vulgar person's words are carefree, we the Ye a pair drink well."

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